Baby S.A. Anusha Shivani

S.A. Anusha shivani  is one of the Disciples of  Padma Bhushan V.P.Dhananjayan and Shanta  Dhananjayan.

Anusha Shivani is a student of class VI . Her flair for dancing was noticed at a very young age. She has been learning dance for the past eight years.


Anusha Shivani has won many prizes (69 prizes) in several competitions like BharathaNatyam, Bhagavad-Gita, Vocal, Drawing & story telling so on.


Apart from BharathaNatyam, Anusha is learning Carnatic music (Vocal), Sanskriti slogas, Drawing & Painting and so on. She also excels in academics. She got proficiency from L.K.G. onwards.  Now seeking the Blessings of Lord Natraja, Guru, Parents, and Elders.